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You are invited to participate in an opportunity
to sponsor something unique that's beneficial to you!
Please read on if this has caught your attention.

I'm looking for a person - more than one person if needed - who's interests match mine.

I made a wish for a set of unique educational courses that'll take place in June, 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. Each of these course will unveil a few horizons in front of me: they will make me a more powerful and advanced professional and add a few powerful instruments to my toolbox that I use in every game I'm playing (you can read about them on the About pages).

To save space here, I won't tell too much. If you would like to hear details, I'll gladly share.

But to give a brief idea, one of the courses will let me open an educational center for children in the USA when I return. For over 15 years I've been dreaming to make a place where non-privileged children could get a taste of all kinds of opportunities without being tied to financial abilities of their families. Now, I've got an access to a unique information that allows a person unleash his or her potential in full. With this knowledge applied to education, it will let me create something extraordinary!

And this is just one of the courses, there are two more.

Now, the courses aren't cheap, for the same exact reason why my services aren't. Giving money away frees space in the brain, adds dedication and desire to absorb all the new information and techniques and, speaking of the quantum physics, releases the energy that is instantly used by fulfilling your wishes and dreams.

The full sum required to cover the cost of everything I wished for is 30,000 euros, - or $36,000.
Partials counts too since the courses come one after another.

What do I offer?

I have knowledge you won't find anywhere. Currently there are a very few people in the whole world who have access to this knowledge, all Russian-speaking. I've processed what I've learnt through my own set of skills and talents, ending up with my own way of comprehending and presenting this information. I'm currently preparing service packages for purchase (under construction on the Services page), and I'm willing to share this knowledge with you for free as a token of my appreciation for your input.

So, if you want to take a part in my journey and sponsor this opportunity, I will dedicate my time and work with you on achieving any of your goals, such as finding love, doubling-tripling profits, getting rid of any sicknesses, recovering from grief or loss, discovering your talents and more. The more you can give to me, the more I will do for you, including sharing what I know with you and personally walking you towards the level where I currently am. And that is, a level of the reality that you consciously create with your mind while living a life without problems, sicknesses or negativity, where there is only joy, fun, love, opulence, and limitless creativity.

So, if this sounds intriguing to you and you would like to join me - I'm ready to welcome you! Looking forward to meeting and welcoming you in my world!

Tarla Sirr


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Thank you and welcome!