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Please note that Madame Tarla is not in the USA at the moment.
Her current location is Bali, Indonesia.
Expected dates of the return to the states are the end of August/beginning of September, 2018.

Most of the meetings are arranged over the Skype or as a phone call. You are welcomed to meet in person if you prefer. In fact, some of the meetings require that - please read description.

To arrange an in-person meeting, first, choose the option that suits you best:

1) You would like to travel to Bali, Indonesia. You get your own tickets and living accommodations.
2) You would like Madame Tarla to travel to you. You provide tickets and living accommodations for her.

Please contact for details prior finishing the purchasing.


This is not a religious or spiritual practice. It's not affiliated with anything esoteric or ritualistic. It's not psychiatry or psychology. And it's not a show for anyone's entertainment. There will be no light-bulb popping or ceiling climbing. It's a professional service based on quantum physics, aimed towards helping you reclaim your will and regain control of your own life.

Believe it or not, everyone of us has tons of "friends". The trick is to learn how to discover them and how to deal with them after you've realized their presence in your life.
During consultation you will be able to ask any questions and to understand what this all is about. You will be explained the concept behind this service, as well as understand the importance of it.
Consultation can be arranged over the phone or Skype.
per hour
In-Person Sessions
This is an individualized service and must be arranged face to face.

What you'll get?
  • Some theory to understand the reasons of the attraction, to prevent it in future.
  • Personalized extractions during a set of private sessions.
  • Instruments for self-help after our meetings are over.
  • Answers to your questions in the future.
What to expect?
This is a set of private sessions, where no session will repeat itself. Your eyes will be closed most of the time, to avoid visual perception of the physical world. You will participate in a dialog, through which you will meet your darker side and those who stand behind it. It will be painful emotionally, you are likely to cry. You will find out what eats you and learn how to keep it off yourself later on. You will learn how to deal with the "evils" as well as understand what they really are, what attracts them to you and how you can help yourself - and them, too - to find peace.

"Evils", we know you are not. You feel lost without a Master. You have been forgiven already and are now entitled to your own unlimited resources. Bring your host to Tarla Sirr, she'll help you thrive.

How long will it last?
Life-time relief is the reward - assuming that you follow the recommendations afterwards. If you don't, new friends will join you soon, which is still no danger, because after these meetings you will know what to do.
Up to 10 hours