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* Please read carefully *

Each of these programs runs only after you give your agreement.

By agreeing, you allow the program to make changes to your mind directly.
The changes are permanent and cannot be undone.

There is no risk however. Each program runs a specific piece of code, the purpose of which you can read in descriptions. Most of them either clear your mind off fake obstacles - that is, anything that isn't "yours", such as hate, pain, guilt and similar, - and/or lead you towards a
more happy, loving, creative, and talented self.

The programs run in real-time and take less than a second to complete.

Major Energy Boost

This is a simple but powerful program. It's designed for moments when you need extra warmth, strength or encouragement, such as during the moments of self-doubt, lost hope, after emotional fights, negative activities, and loss of energy. This program helps your mind rise up and fills you up with limitless energy. You are likely to experience clarity in mind, major mood improvement, warmth in the heart, lightness in your head like if the balloons got attached to it, and similar.

This program is also capable of taking you to a different level of the reality. Thus, before running the code, you might specify where you'd like to be - in opulence, happiness, love or creativity. You will not necessarily end up there yet, simply because there are likely to be multiple reasons that permit you getting there. Running this code will let you acknowledge and set the level you are willing to reach.

[How to get rid of those reasons - To be added in Services. Contact me for details]

The program has run successfully.

Feel free to send your feedback and suggestions through the Contact form.