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I know something you don't. And I use this knowledge daily. It makes me happy and frees my mind of "litter", letting me enjoy creating my own games instead of trying to survive.

One of my new games is mind software engineering, which makes me a Mind Engineer.

This whole thing is based on a surprisingly easy concept that most people won't comprehend because they are too used to think that life is or has to be hard. But life is easier than you think.

You are a walking software that is a bit outdated, has some viruses, and is most likely used incorrectly and at the wrong place. And I know how to debug you. This is not done through affirmations, meditations, esoteric practices, psychological tricks and other old-fashioned ways. This is the most unique technology that works directly with your mind. Like coding.

Having a software engineering background, I've invented my own, absolutely unique software. It's still in development, with a lot of cool add-ons I'm implementing weekly based on my interests and needs. It began as a way to automate certain thought processes that I have, to take care of the basics. This helps me instantly clear my mind of ineffective thoughts, and get an access to more advanced concepts and ideas.

With this software I can do pretty much anything, without exaggeration.
And I can help you do pretty much anything, too.

~ I can help you make any of your wishes come true.
~ I can help you solve any of your problems.
~ I can help you heal any disease.
~ I can help you discover your own talents.
~ I can help you learn anything. [currently in development]
~ I can help you become a creator of your own game.

I can help you step out of Matrix, basically. No joke. That will cost you a fortune though.
[To be added in Services. Contact me for details]

All of these I do by sending certain pieces of code directly to your mind - with your agreement - and re-writing your way of thinking with an updated version. This new one helps you become what you really are - an absolutely unique, unrepeatable, incredibly talented, one-of-a-kind human mind.

Yes, it's like magic. Haven't I told already that I love creating my own games?

Tarla Sirr

Check out the samples of the mentioned above software for free.
Go to Freebies page and choose what interests you.