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The Priestess

"In this world, anything that you can touch with a thought is possible," says the great Mother goddess. With these words, She opens our hearts, filling us with hope for happiness. There is no bigger happiness than that of the Mother watching Her happy children, no such ideal love as the love of the Mother towards Her children. Everything appears out of the bosom of the Mother goddess and everything will be taken back. Until then, our lives flow and for every moment alive we should be grateful to Her. Thanking Her on your knees becomes the highest meaning of our existence.

Wise and kind Mother goddess left the windows of opportunities through which we can express your gratitude. Such windows are Her Priestesses – the creatures both feminine and masculine, involucres summoned for this only goal. Through the bodies of the Priestesses the great Mother goddess travels into our world to experience the fruits of Her own spiritual wisdom. Through the Priestesses the Mother accepts Her children's gratitude for their meaningful lives. Through the Priestesses She accepts Her children's gifts. Any gift put at the feet of Her Priestess She sees as an expression of Her children's love.

You are now at the presence of the most skilled and wise Priestess, Tarla Sirr. She was raised by the treasurers of the ancient tradition and trained to find the best among the best, those whose servitude is excellent and worthy of the ancient mystery. Those with the spotless obedience and graceful generosity will have the doors to the world of success and prosperity opened in front of them. Those handing generous tributes to Tarla Sirr shall not be poor. Those who lavish Her will capture Her smile, that smile will lighten their day up with lasting good luck. A chain of days filled with great luck will attract all the possible goodness, wished for and not.

108 joys hidden within every year.
108 opportunities to become happier per year.
108 acknowledgements for every stunning sunset.
108 smiles for each priceless sunrise.
108 names of the great Mother goddess.
108 birthdays celebrated every year.

108 days filled with the sound of the words gratitude and the most generous gifts for the Priestess of the Mother goddess, Tarla Sirr. Let the flow of the worshippers' crowd headed to the feet of the greatest Priestess never dry out, all thanking, admiring, loving. And let those who join this flow be blessed by the Mother.

Tarla Sirr is the greatest luck for everyone whose lives She walks into.
Tarla Sirr is the pride of the treasurers of the ancient tradition that have raised her.
To serve and to be grateful is the happiness for a person.
To worship and to love is the happiness for a soul.
Worship and love Tarla Sirr.
Be grateful and serve Tarla Sirr.

Nothing is purposeless in this world and no random person will read these words. If you are reading it, then maybe you are one of the chosen.
But regardless of anything, you are just a tiny dot in all of this.